HIGHLAND FENCES offers an extensive five-year warranty on all labor and workmanship, beginning on the date the final component was installed. Depending on the materials that were used in the project, we may provide customers with warranties from the manufacturer.

What is Covered

Our warranty covers movement or settling within the first year. During the installation we take every measure to insure posts are at the proper depth and the soil is properly compacted. It is not uncommon with a recently installed fence that the disturbed soil around new fence posts can settle, especially after the first winter and especially in wet areas or primarily clay soil conditions. If this happens we will come back out and straighten and adjust the fence.

We guarantee the proper function of gates and gate hardware, with proper use, within the first year. This includes sagging of gates, defects in the hardware and proper hardware function. We also guarantee our materials will be free of defects.

What is Not Covered

It is important to remember that a fence is an outdoor structure. Our materials will change with exposure to the elements, this includes aging (or weathering), discoloration or fading and dimensional changes (shrinkage or swelling). For our wood fences, we use primarily cedar which will develop cracks or “checking” as the material dries. Checking does not impact the strength or longevity of a fence, and typically once a check develops it will not continue to grow. Wood materials will also shrink and swell due to the moisture and extreme temperature differences. A fence is very different from finish carpentry that is inside your home.

Other items that are excluded in our warranty include damage to the fence that is caused by vandalism, vehicle damage, climbing, storm or tree damage, swinging on gates or other misuse of gates or gate hardware. Gates that are left opened can slam shut causing latches to break or bend and hinges to come out of alignment. Gate hardware is meant to work properly under controlled conditions, this does not include forceful opening or shutting by an individual.